A classic game on the Commodore 64 computer. You controlled a little man around the screen, comprised of ladders, ropes and bricks, collected gold , avoided the angry monks, and then headed for the exit. The little man could dissolve bricks and jump down into the holes to avoid the monks. Many, many hours of my life were spent in this fine diversion, made ever so more compelling due to a built-in level editor.

This game appeared on many platforms in the mid eighties including Apple IIe. It is now available in a somewhat buggy open source Java applet at http://romka.demonews.com/projects/loderunner/index_eng.htm.

If anyone is keen to fix any of the minor bugs, please do as the main developer has stopped working on it and this game kicks ass. I have already squashed some, although it does seem that these changes have been updated to the site. I may just find some web space elsewhere and I'll update this node if anything changes.

The level editor, one of the finest features of the original, is sadly lacking from the imlementation but what a great idea for a website/applet public posting type thingy. Any takers?

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