Spinal Tap song featuring two guitarists (as well as the usual bassist) playing bass, and lyrics such as:

"The bigger the cushion,
The sweeter the pushin',
That's what I said.
The looser the waistband,
The deeper the quicksand,
Or so I have read.
My baby fits me like a flesh tuxedo.
I'd love to sink her with my pink torpedo!
Big bottom
Big bottom
Talk about bum cakes,
My gal's got 'em.
Big bottom,
Drive me out of my mind.
How can I leave this...behind?"

My love gun's loaded and she's in my sights
Big game's waiting there inside her tights

Big bottom
Big bottom
Talk about mud flaps
My gal's got 'em.
Big bottom
Drive me out of my mind.
How can I leave this ... behind?

"Big Bottom" first appeared on the 1970 Tap album "Brainhammer", now long out of print and extremely hard to find (even on eBay!). Fortunately, it is accessible to fans on the 1984 album "This is Spinal Tap" which accompanied the like-named Rob Reiner documentary about the band. This song is often used to close out a Spinal Tap set, whenever the band manages to play through to the very end (as it were).

Bassist Derek Smalls is joined on bass for the song by both Nigel and David, for "as much bass as we could [put into it]".

Derek has remarked that "a lot of girls with big bottoms [come] backstage. You get what you ask for in the world of rock 'n roll."

<SMALLS>A big shout out to http://spinaltapfan.com/ for some added info.</SMALLS>

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