A clever form of adult verification that was installed on some of the earlier Leisure Suit Larry games. In order to play, you had to answer a certain number of obscure questions, either about the 60s and 70s, or about grown-up stuff such as income tax trivia.

Or, as all kids know, you can press Alt-X, and it would let you in. Never try to outsmart an 8-year-old.

When I was a nipper in the early 90's I remember coming up against the age quiz in some game, and being flummoxed.

I remember thinking 'When I'm legally old enough to play this game, I still won't know the answers'.

Because the questions weren't about things that you'd automatically know the answer to when you hit 18, they'd still be same old questions about b-list celebs from the 70s only you'd be answering them in the 90s, and hopelessy out of touch.

Even though I'm now grown-up, I probably wouldn't know the catchprase of genericcharacter2 in genericsitcom25, or any other topical question.

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