Billions and billions of these still inhabit elementary schools and high schools across the country. The school system can never find enough money to replace them with something more modern. Fortunately, there's thousands of educational software available for these machines, so they're still immensely useful.

The most powerful and expandable 8-bit Apple II series computer. It contained a 1 Mhz 6502 processor (later expanded to a 65c02 on the expansion kit), was expandable to 128K of ram via an expansion board (typically Applied Engineering's Ramworks series), had the capability of adding a serial port via the Super Serial Card, to hook up to modems and printers, and would either hook up to a composite monitor via RCA port, or use an RGB out on an expansion board.

Combo expanders were available, such as the one we owned, the Ramworks III by Applied Engineering. This board would update the RAM to 128K, enable 80 column output (only 40 in hardware, pre-enhancements again), and contain an RGB Monitor output.

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