A light bee (a.k.a lightbug) is a small device used to create a fully mobile 3D hologram of a crew member in the BBC comedy series, Red Dwarf.

Holly, the main computer of the embattled Jupiter Mining Corporation (JMC) vessel, can create holograms anywhere within the ship, using a personality profile, stored on disk. However, if the crewmember wants to leave, say in a Starbug or Blue Midget, they need to employ the use of a light bee. Here they can roam freely, walking, talking and such, however they are essentially just light, and thus can't interract with their surroundings.

To keep Lister, the last remaining human being, sane and functioning, Holly creates a hologram for him. Claiming broken equipment and destroyed disks, the only candidate for re-creation is Arnold "Judas" Rimmer, the one person who drives Lister absolutely MENTAL.

This is definition is technically the "soft light" version; in the episode My name is Legion, Rimmer gets turned in to a "hard light" hologram, where he is given a tactile body and can return to interacting with his environment.

2002.12.08 at 09:44 Zerotime says lightbug: Er, it's actually "light bee". At least, according to the books, the episode guide, and the series

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