A painting by the 19th century realist Gustave Courbet.

Depicts a naked, slightly corpulent human female torso laying on a white sheet. Her legs are spread, and we are between them, looking up at her vulva, which is covered in bushy black pubic hair. The upper part of her body is covered by the sheet, but her right breast is exposed.

Oh yeah, an english translation of the title is "The Origin of the World"

Now if that's not deep enough for you, here's a quote from Lometa's excellent Gustave Courbet writeup that should add some more perspective:

Courbet... called attention to what Baudelaire coined as the "heroism of modern life," which Courbet felt should replace all the heroism of tradtional subject matter. For the public is was a competition between the painters of the 'ugly' (Courbet) and the painters of the 'beautiful' (those who oppose Courbet), as the public understood those qualities.
Strong emphasis is mine.

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