One of the many events that take place during Winter Carnival at Michigan Tech. One team is composed of 5 people and in order to play, you need a large, icy surface, a saucer sled, a helmet, and ten giant wooden pins. One person wears the helmet and sits on the sled. The other four people must propel the individual and the sled down an alley to knock down as many of the pins as possible. There are many stategies for doing this, but the most popular one used involves two people standing at the foul line, facing each other with the "ball" (person and sled) between them. The last two people lay on the ice and anchor the feet of the two standing people. The standing people take the arms of the ball and proceed to fling them down the alley. The person on the sled can try to steer themselves, but must keep all body parts within the sled. Scoring is done exactly as in bowling except that there are only 7 frames. Any longer and the person gets permanently frozen to the sled. If you have not seen this sport performed than you have no idea what you are missing.

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