Hmm, let me think... Could it possibly be... volleyball... in the snow? Of course!!! What else could it be? It is one of the events that takes place during Winter Carnival at Michigan Tech. No special rules, except one. "No malicious spiking". What does that mean? Who knows and students argue over it every year. The main challenge, though, comes from playing at below freezing temperatures with biting crosswinds. You can try playing without gloves, but your hands get so numb that it becomes harder and harder to hit the ball where you intend. Put gloves on you say? Sure, but the kind of gloves you need to keep your hands warm enough are very bulky and you run into the same problem. It doesn't stop there, it's the same with wearing a t-shirt, or an oversized coat and several layers of clothing. Of course there are the few psychos that will play in shorts or no shirt at all, but that ends pretty quick when the rest of the team throws them in a snow bank.

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