Every year, in the first or second week of February, the entire campus at Michigan Tech participates in a festival that revolves around snow. That should prove how much snow they actually get in the Keweenaw Peninsula in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. During that week, there are several events that take place, including snow volleyball, ice bowling, broomball, human dog sled, and skit night. But the main event that every organization on campus focuses on is the snow statue. Each year there are different themes to the carnival such as "Icy Glory of a Legendary Story" or "Greek Myths Unfold in a Wondrous Land of Cold" to which the snow statues and skits are related. All in all, the entire carnival is a blast and I would recommend visiting if you can stand the bitter cold, unbearably long drive to the middle of nowhere, or the overwhelming existence of the Yooper accent.

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