Ideas that one comes up with when high, usually on wacky tabaccy. Highdeas usually involve eating large amounts of food, watching children's cartoons, or participating in further drug use. A highdea is usually prefixed with "whoa, dude, wouldn't it be cool if..." though "duuudhe..." is also commonly used.

Other highdeas include listening to music like Sublime, Pink Floyd, The Orb, Radiohead, and Jimi Hendrix. In addition the highdea can include going somewhere, such as the mall, one of the most common highdea destinations.

The strange thing about highdeas is that they almost never get carried out. Everyone in the room goes "yeah, cool" and continues to sit on the couch. However when a highdea is carried out a stoner will work amazingly well to completing the goal, despite his temporary impairment

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