"Believing that the normal function of cell phones, computers, and other electronic devices are (sic) sending secret and significant messages that only they can understand or believe."
-"Delusion.” PsychonautWiki, PsychonautWiki, 1 Aug. 2018, psychonautwiki.org/wiki/Delusions.

I had typed the note on my phone earlier that morning, instructing myself to relax and that I was tripping. At my doorstep a few hours later, however, I stared at it for probably half an hour, wondering why it was there and thinking my phone was communicating to me. I had completely forgotten that I myself had written it for my future self. I questioned whether my phone somehow knew that I was tripping, or even if there was a God that was observing me and had sent this message to me. I became slightly scared and thought life was akin to a video game in that moment, and that the note was somewhat like a quest in a quest log.

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