"Scenarios and plots are the situations, stories, scenarios, and events which occur within both external and internal hallucinations. These behave in an almost identical fashion to the plots and scenarios that occur during ordinary dream states and often include cognitive delusions that result in one accepting the plot as a real life event."
-“Scenarios and Plots.” PsychonautWiki, PsychonautWiki, 6 Nov. 2018, psychonautwiki.org/wiki/Scenarios_and_plots.

I was wheeled into the emergency room, and accepted this bizarre turn of events as simply being part of an elaborate hallucination that I must be having. As the hours dragged on on the wall clock, however, I thought about whether the effects of the drug should have worn off by now. I was still convinced that I was in a parallel world and that all my accomplishments in the "real world" had gone to waste, and that I was going to be stuck in this world forever. I didn't communicate this to any of the hospital staff, but tried to accept my fate and exist in this strange new world. I thought about how I would go to school the next day, and how I would even prepare for school in a new universe.

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