This has almost nothing to do with what the above node asks, but ...

I thought I'd share an interesting tidbit (possibly) useless but fascinating ... in Spanish, to give birth is referred to as "dar la luz," which translates to give light.

Isn't that a cool idea? That birth is more than pushing and pullling and exaustion ... it's giving light to a little person who used to be in the dark.

Now, how cool does that sound?

I'm not really sure how well known this bit of lingo is. I know I use it, I know some of my friends use it, but as for outside of my little bubble of a town with no way in and no way out, this might not be the most famous phrase around. Oh well. If you know it, you can use it with me. And my friends. In our little bubble of a town...

To have a baby: to give a scalding. To yell while being furious.

And if the scalding was particularly steamin', you can use the phrase:

To have a baby on one's head.

Chances are this isn't understood everywhere.

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