A liquid combination of alcohol and THC.

Green dragon is made by soaking the cannabis and thereby extracting the active ingredients like THC. Go for something like Everclear - the higher the proof, the better. Water will just soak up things you don't want. If you just let it soak, wait two to three weeks for the full effect. If you want to speed up the process, heat the alcohol and stir. For gods' sakes, don't ignite it. The end result should be light green to emerald.

Green dragons, as archived in various bestiaries, are the third-largest of the chromatic dragons. They tend to frequent forests and jungles, because their multi-hued scales of emerald provide the perfect camouflauge. Green dragons rely on their breath of caustic chlorine gas to deter hunters and to bring down prey. These serpents are well known for their subversive and malicious natures; among dragons, they most prefer spying and subterfuge rather than out-and-out warfare. The most famous of the green dragons, in the Dragonlance saga, is Cyan Bloodbane.

The green dragon is a traditional monster in both fantasy fiction and role-playing games.

Green dragons are usually one of the largest and most cunning flavor of dragons. They are highly intelligent, speak many languages, and take particular interest in torture and slavery. They hate do gooders and good mythical creatures in particular. They will attack creatures such as unicorns on sight.

Green dragons are hatched from eggs and they come out with thin scales that are such a deep green that they appear to be black. These scales will become lighter color as the dragon ages, and will finally take on the color most common in the surrounding vegetation in the dragon's home. They have the ability to breathe a dangerous cloud of chlorine gas from birth. This ability becomes more and more powerful as the dragon ages (in some traditions green dragons breathe flame instead of gas). Some older dragons gain the ability to control plants and plant mental suggestions. But those powers are far from universal.

Green dragons almost always make their homes in very old forests. They prefer temperate and subtropical forests and avoid the hot equatorial regions and the cold sub-artic areas. Green dragons often cooperate with other evil creatures of the forest such as Xvarts and Bugbears. They use these lesser creatures as agents and in exchange they don't eat very many of them.

Green dragons raise their young together in mated pairs. They are very attentive parents, giving much instruction and knowledge to the young dragons. They protect them well and will die for them. If a green dragon family is threatened then the male will carry the hatchlings off to safety while the mother remains to fight.

If at all possible green dragons will make their lairs in caves. Caves are not always available in their natural environment, so their second choice is an artifical cavern consisting of many closely grown trees in a very dense part of the forest.

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