Goetta is a bold and proud sausage, first made in Germany in the late 1800's.

Goetta is surprisingly similar, when cooked on a grill, to regular American hamburger. It's constituent meats are pork and beef, and interestingly, the traditional recipe calls for an almost equal measure of oats.

The sausage, pressed into a skinless loaf, is sliced and cooked in fat and/or butter for a spectacular addition to any breakfast fry up.

The Cincinatti connection is the sausage making family founded by Robert Glier in the year 1946.

research sources include Glier's Meats & the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council

Steel-cut Oats are one of the main ingredients in an American dish named Goetta. This is pronounced getta, and is made and eaten primarily around the tri-state area where the States of Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky touch borders. It is made by boiling steel-cut oats and pork (various cuts) together, allowing the mixture to cool, then slicing it and pan frying it. Not to be confused with Scrapple, which uses corn meal as a base for the Pork. For more details just google Goetta.

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