Just so you know, my younger sister is a girl. She's taller, blonder, and has way more style than i ever will (girl-style that is). Oooh, and we were oil and water for years. But these days, she'll talk about anthropology with me, and i'll break down and get girly with her if i actually must.

So she was home for a weekend, and i invited her on a picnic. We went looking for foodschtuffs, and stopped in CVS, and then started browsing the people-coloring section (cosmetics). And something about this green caught my eye. It's alive! We were joking, but i ended up getting it anyway. And she got some tasteful pastelly color.

My housemate Ginny observed that we have very different color senses, Miana and me. It's true. I like it that way.

Turns out galactic green can tend toward gold, and whaddya know, i like it! It's electrical and also like the buds that drift under trees in the spring, making them look like yellow lamps with a circle of light. Metallically leafy. It also allows me to take part in the nail polish colors testimonials, which otherwise i could not have.

When I was a wee l'il lad (age 5 or so) for my birthday I was given a He-Man colouring book COMPLETE WITH REAL He-Man crayons!

I guess some advertising executive somewhere decided that they could up the profit margin an extra 10% by going around the crayon wholesalers and vending their own, brand-named product (even though, in all truth, He-Man is not known for the success of their non-toy merchandise 8)...

They were for all practical purposes slightly sub-Crayola-par in terms of their utility, but all the colours had different, quasi-He-man-centric names! Like Planet Purple and Heroic Blue and Eternia Orange...

I don't think that galactic green was one of the names, but it certainly has the right feel to it.

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