Ode to a Sugared Almond

E2 Catbox — XXXI - III - MMXII (is that the nightingale or the lark?)


Oops... by dawn's sweet waxin' light,
we know we made it through the night...
...when pale green wash bleeds on the sky,
the day's embrace is surely nigh!

Phono-Log B&W Minstrels will play fer ye, fine ladies an' gents.


05:04 Posmella: Today I am grateful for sugared almonds and meeting new friends.
05:04 tanktop: It's around 1 AM here.
05:04 pomegranate: Sugared almonds bode a wedding!
05:05 Posmella: Hehe, nope. I just love them.
05:05 Posmella: I found an old-fashioned sweet shop — and there they were!
05:06 tanktop: Almond paste is also good.
05:06 pomegranate: I find it hard to contradict yer senniment...


05:06 Ode to A Sugared Almond

05:07 Oh, almond sweet of my delight...
05:07 ... help me make it through the night.
05:08 Your skin is hard, your flesh is white...
05:08 ...help me almond pass the night!

05:10 Oh almond fragrant, fruit divine...
05:11 ... I bite you hard with lips of wine.
05:12 You tempt me so, sweetmeat of mine...
05:12 ... there's nowt to better thee or thine!

05:13 Oh almond smooth, sweet stone of spring...
05:14 ... I love you more than any thing.
05:14 I do declare, oh almond sweet...
05:15 ... to buy you I did cross the street.

05:15 Your promise, almond, was so fair...
05:15 ... the paper bag I sure did tear.
05:16 Almond, almond, tender fruit...
05:16 ... I love the sugar of your suit.

05:17 In lands so balmy, you did grow...
05:17 ... my almond darling say no moh'
05:18 I crack your hard and crunchy shell...
05:18 ... who loves ye not, kin go to hell!


05:20 jeez... this is harder'n shuckin' peas on a June mornin'
05:20 Marzepam?
05:21 Die-hard-zepam
05:21 Marzipan
05:21 What devil'ry is this?


t'was yer own dear almonds love,
that shed their light upon this place:
if sugared almonds need no love,
why do you stuff them in your face?

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