This is easily the most bizarre thing I have ever received in the mail.

"Here's your mail," an officemate just said, and put something garish and fuzzy in my inbox. I looked closer. This thing is made of thin posterboard to which has been glued a 1cm-thick layer of dappled fake fur, mostly cotton candy pink and deep rich purple stripes with bits of Granny Smith green at the sides.

I turned it over.

Are your Web design
getting a little hairy?
can send you all the help you need.

Very nice marketing gag, folks, but I'm still not giving you any product placement in my writeup unless you send me cash.

Damn, this thing is funky. I'll have to scan it and put it up in my home node.

Talking of 'funky' postcards, I used to work for an advertising company in the UK called "FreeCards" whose sole function was to sell such postcards to advertisers.

It was quite a cool, well paid job and we got to keep postcards of varying degrees of funkiness, ie: furry ones, 3D ones, heat sensitive ones, pop-up ones, die-cut ones, mirrored ones, artistically beautiful ones, ones with free gifts, competition ones, concertina ones.

It was quite interesting (for a sales job, anyway) and paid sooo well.

In my time I sold such postcards to Nike, Coca-Cola, Smirnoff, British Telecom, Sega, Ubisoft, Budweiser, Adidas, Casio, Kelloggs, national newspapers and magazines, and just about anyone else you can mention.

The production of the cards was all paid for by the client, produced by an external printer on our behalf for very little money, and all we had to do was get distribution companies to display them in racks that we bought (again at a very minimal cost) in cool bars and restaurants who fell over themselves to put out racks up for free because they looked good.

Easy money!!!

Then I packed it all in to go travelling and came back and sold my soul to the devil for a fast buck.


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