Midwest FurFest (MFF) is a furry convention which evolved out of Duckon, a sci-fi convention held near Chicago.

Midwest FurFest 2000 was held in Arlington Heights, IL, November 17-19. 475 people attended, and Guests of Honor were illustrators Robert and Margaret Carspecken, artist Derrick Dasenbrock, and Richard Concepcion (costumer and creator of Rapid T. Rabbit). MFF raised a total of $3,552 for three charities: Valley of the Kings Sanctuary (a big cat refuge in Wisconsin), Wolf Park (a wildlife education and research facility in Battle Ground, IN), and Chicago House (housing provider for persons with HIV/AIDS).

Over 500 people attended Midwest FurFest 2001, held November 16-18. Guests of Honor were illustrator Mary Hansen-Roberts, artist Jessica Ginger Willard, and writer Matt J. McCullar. MFF's charity auction (MC'd by Dr. Samuel Conway), raised $6,800 for Animals For Awareness, a non-profit no-kill shelter for unwanted, abused, neglected or confiscated wild animals that regular animal shelters aren't equipped to deal with.

The 2002 convention will be held November 22-24 at a larger hotel, the Hyatt Woodfield in Schaumberg, IL.

Midwest FurFest's website is http://www.furfest.org

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