Dredge catfish in mixture of first four ingredients, fry in hot oil until golden brown, with slices of onion, serve with cheese on buns, or some other form of bread.

This is not quite gourmet food, but it's better than a lot of things you can make in a dorm room. I don't have any oven or range, so everything has to be microwaved.


Microwave the fish fillets (try not to cry when you think about how much better they would taste if you could actually bake them in an oven). Cover a plate with a paper towel and then nuke the fillets for about 3 minutes on high. Meanwhile, spread tartar sauce (or relish-mayo-lemonjuice mixture) on bread (or tortilla). Top with fish and enjoy.

This may seem like a simple recipe, but it did not occur to me for a while that I could microwave fish fillets, because I enjoy the nice crispy breading after it is baked. However, if you put it on a sandwhich you don't notice (as much) that the breading is a little soggy.

Alternate method:

Make rice (in rice cooker). Mix soy sauce and wasabi. After microwaving fish (as above) break up and sprinkle over rice. Optionally, try to scrape the breading off of the fish fillets before adding to rice if you do not like the way soggy breading and rice taste together. Enjoy.

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