Here's the best recipe I can think of. This is a traditional Newfoundland dish, of which the preparation time is two days. Thanks to my aunt Angel for the specifics on the cooking procedure.

What you need

1 large frying pan
about a quarter cup of oil (canola, or whatever you've got)
2 cakes hard bread
1 fish fillet (preferably fresh cod)
4 medium potatoes
fat pork (called pork "scrunchins" in Newfoundland. This isn't a requirement, but if you have it, by all means use it. If you're a practicing Muslim, or a part-vegetarian, or you just don't like it, don't use it.)
2 medium onions
salt & freshly ground pepper

First day's procedure

First you have to break up the cakes of hard bread and put them in a large bowl in cold water and allow it to soak overnight.

If the fish fillet is salted you will need to soak it overnight also change the water on it at least 3 times at 3 hour intervals. If the fillet is fresh, not salted, you can skip the soaking procedure.

Next days' procedure:

Peel and chop onions, sautee lightly in large frying pan; drain the hard bread and add to onions in frying pan, add oil and saute gently.

Turn above off while you prepare the fish and potatoes. Peel and cook potatoes, and mash well with margarine.., these you can add to the hard bread and onions and continue to cook gently maximum heat.

Boil fish for approximately 20 minutes, drain water and allow to cool if the fish is boneless; break it up in very small pieces or flakes.

if fish is not boned separate the fish from the bone and then mash the fish into little pieces.

Add all the above ingredients to the large frying pan, add a small amount of salt and a considerable amount of pepper, at least a half of a teaspoon.

Fry gently adding oil if needed to keep the mixture from burning and sticking to the pan continue this cooking procedure at low heat for approximately one hour use a spatula to turn over the brewis in the pan at 10 minute intervals this allows the flavour to go through the entire pan of food.

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