This iconic Sydney restaurant is famed for many reasons and not only the fact that it was the ending point for The Great Sydney Fraptabulous Everythingian Get Together of 2001.

First opening its doors in 1980, close to the centre of Sydney's Chinatown, the restaurant is divided into two distinct sections. Out front is a takeaway BBQ shop with the distinctive calling card of roast ducks hanging in the window. Also on offer is char siu (BBQ pork), roast suckling pig, red cooked master stock chicken, bright orange roasted squid and various offal treats which are fun to try and identify the origin of while you wait for your order to be prepared.

Behind this is the restaurant proper, the décor of which can only be described as communist canteen. But don't worry, you did come for the food. Chinese customers will be served a complimentary "everyday soup" within seconds of being seated, while gwailos (non-Chinese) will have to beg, cajole or bribe to get theirs. The food, it must be said, is fabulous. All of the BBQ meats, as expected, are above average, as is the extensive selection of congee (jook), and Tsingtao beer can be had for $AUD4.

As the restaurant is open until 2 A.M, it tends to be treated as a de-facto lounge room for many chefs and restaurant employees after their establishments have closed. For the benefit of visitors to Sydney, it can be found at 18 Goulburn St, Sydney

Try the Chilli-Salt squid. And for god sake get the BBQ Pork, but apparently the set banquet menu sucks and is just there for stupid tourists.

It's a really down-to-earth place, and on a Saturday evening can get quite crowded (ie, you may have to wait 5 whole minutes for a table). There are a few half-rumour stories about B-Grade celebrities demanding a table, but the dedicated chefs/waiters who don't read the paper or watch primetime TV just tell them to wait, the celeb walks out in disgust while the rest of the waiting diners laugh (no names, DENI HINES).

The red (red like a firetruck) building next door is the cheapest and best porn shop in Sydney.

Beware the male toilets, there are windows which do not close and give a lovely view (to/from) various buildings in the area.

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