The word "ephemera" describes items that are not meant to last. These are most commonly, but not always, made of paper. Magazines, postcards, photographs, pamphlets and handbills are all examples of ephemera.

ephemera (plural, ephemerae): something that is short-lived or of transient existence.

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Quick! What is Ephemera?

Ephemera is a girlband from Norway.

Huh? Who are Ephemera?

The band consists of three blonde girls, Inger Lise Størksen (24), Christine Sandtorv (25) and Jannicke Larsen (25) from the village Laksevåg outside Bergen. The girls met at a very young age and have played together for nine years. They released their first album at the age of 17 / 18 and took the music press by surprise. These girls are very empowered, leaving nothing to chance. All songs are written by themselves, they play all instruments, Christine desings albums, promo stuff and the website, and they own their own record company (Ephemera Records). For production, Yngve Sæthre is the man. He is known from producing Dum Dum Boys' records.

Ephemera have released three albums to date (feb. 02), and the second one (Sun) got sort of famous. At least it grabbed the attention of NRK Petre and BBC. These girls went for quality, and the quality networks listened. They got nominated to the biggest music award in Norway for the album "Sun".

Oh! What kind of music do they play?

Well, they music style is one that has surfaced lately in Norway. Ephemera must get the credit for pioneering the whispering, sorta-high-pitched singing they perform. With light accoustic guitars and analouge synths in the background, they make for a very soothing musical background. Similar artists would be Sondre Lerche and Stina Nordenstam. They sing in English,

Neat-o! I'll just pop over to Audiogalaxy and download some

Why, you don't have to! The girls have published some tunes on their site. And it's not 30 second 7khz MP3s either.
High quality downloads here:

Their website (In Norwegian):

E*phem"e*ra (?), n. [NL., fr. Gr. a day fly, fr. daily, lasting but a day; over + day.]

1. Med.

A fever of one day's continuance only.

2. Zool.

A genus of insects including the day flies, or ephemeral flies. See Ephemeral fly, under Ephemeral.


© Webster 1913.

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