Popular Norwegian band consisting of Kjartan Kristiansen (guitar), Aslak Dørum (bass), Atle Karlsen (keyboard) and Preple Houmb (lead singer). The name of the band is taken from an Iggi Pop song from the album Idiot (1977). The band sings in Norwegian.

Blodig Alvor Na Na Na Na Na, 1988 ("Bloody serious")
Splitter Pine, 1989
Pstereo, 1990
Transit Sigmata Exit (mini CD), 1992
Transit, 1992
Ludium, 1994
1001 Watt, 1994
Sus, 1996 ("Static")
Sustema Magica (mini CD), 1996
Bapshuariari, 1996
Totem, 1998
Schlägers, 2001 ("Hits", but spelt in a strange way... :)

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