The "middle way" proposed by Gautama Buddha, which consists of eight elements:

  1. right understanding
  2. right thought
  3. right speech
  4. right action
  5. right livelihood
  6. right effort
  7. right mindfulness
  8. right concentration

To go into more detail, these are the steps one needs to take to become enlightened, as specified in the Four Noble Truths.
  1. Right understanding means understanding the four noble truths
  2. Right thought means thinking kindly about other people and various forms of life
  3. Right speech means speaking truthfully and kindly
  4. Right action means acting peacefully, helping others
  5. Right work means earning a livelihood that does not harm others; this is sometimes regarded as not being involved in war
  6. Right effort means improving one's mind, concentrating on getting rid of unwholesome ideas
  7. Right mindfulness meams maintaining awareness and a good state of mind, again, with a concern for others
  8. Right concentration means seeking to awake the mind more.

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