A massive work by Jack Kerouac, Some of the Dharma was begun in 1953 as reading notes for Alan Ginsberg. While On the Road waited on the desks of unintrested publishers, Kerouac poured his life into the eleven spiral-bound notebooks that made up the original manuscript of Some of the Dharma.

The completed work contains Kerouac's notes on his Buddhist study, poems, blues, haiku, prayers, meditations, journal entries, sketches, stories, and letters. It begins with the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism and the Eightfold Path of Buddha.

"Buddha goes beyond Christ for I have had a vision of the anxieties of Heaven in Mexico City Benzedrine Visions Dec 1952 and I dont want to go there"

The oversized Penguin soft-cover edition recreates the style of the original manuscript, with creative formatting and some sketches by Kerouac. A super groovy thing for anyone who loves Kerouac's other work.

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