01:24:02: kaatunut: EDEV: XML user search ticker still doesn't have cast. Could someone please add it?

10:40:56: McSnarf: EDEV: A feature to delete own writeups from Node Heaven would be nice.

13:23:53: gnarl: EDEV: i also agree that deleting from one's own Node Heaven would be useful. wouldn't this be feasable by doing a checklist like removing bookmarks?

13:37:58: JerboaKolinowski: EDEV: I think deleting from one's own node heaven serves no useful purpose - no one else can see what's there. The noder may lose a possibly salient and salutary reminder of the grim realities of the past

13:48:17: WonkoDSane: EDEV: I would also assume that it would prevent Gods accessing the dead node in node crypt, though that may not be a terribly important issue.

14:14:06: McSnarf: EDEV: I would it leave up to the user what to delete - it also makes node heaven more compact.

15:17:19: jaubertmoniker: EDEV: McSnarf is right. The author "owns" their own work, they should be able to do with it what they feel. Also, I can hardly imagine the metric fuckload of space taken up by node heavens

15:19:14: Gritchka: ONO: EDEV: Hey, speak for yourself. Mine's a minimalist gem. :)

16:42:45: atesh: EDEV: I for one, wouldn't mind being able to remove my wus from node heaven. Then I could actualy get rid of all the Nuke Requests, Title Edits, and Defs that Need Work wus.

17:46:54: Eraser_: EDEV: i think it would be more wise to just check a flag that says "stop displaying this" because i don't thinks nodes ever really leave this db... everything seems to be stored and logged somewhere

19:56:59: waterhouse: EDEV: On fyuze.com, the content box that displays new writeups ignores the Hide from New Writeups checkbox. I don't know if this was intended or not.

20:01:40: JerboaKolinowski: ONO: EDEV: Probably it's going from the node_id numbers (*where* on fyuze.com?) I have a little perl script that can parse ENN, picking out only the *missing* numbers, if anyone is interested in this

20:06:11: dann: EDEV: atesh: perhaps only allow removing title edits, nuke requests, etc? An option like "Don't display in Node Heaven"? That'd allow the gods to see old nodes, without causing /too much/ unnecessary clutter?

20:06:54: Gritchka: EDEV: I think this is so anomalous that it counts as a bug. When you use up a blessing of extra votes you get an XP bonus of the level you're at, not for the votes you just used. That doesn't seem right.

20:07:55: dann: EDEV: the option would be presented when writeing the node, methinks...

20:09:40: McSnarf: EDEV: Judging from the TOS, I hold copyright to my writeups. So why shoudln't I be able to delete the writeups in my node heaven ?

20:10:40: waterhouse: EDEV: from fyuze.com, hit customize, box directory, reference (ha!) and you'll find the listing for e2. the lnks are directly to node_id=x.

20:16:12: Gritchka: ONO: EDEV: I agree the "technical" ones like nuke requests should be permanently deletable, even if the others aren't. After a few days they just useless clutter it up.

20:23:37: McSnarf: EDEV: would E2 want to fight through this in court ? (No, I consider my posts here public domain, but others might not)

20:24:49: McSnarf: EDEV: However, I would insist on the right to remove my writings from ANY possible audience, if technically possible.

20:25:30: anotherone: EDEV: I seriously doubt that any court in the world would HEAR that sort of lawsuit, but if you're threatening...

20:26:35: anotherone: EDEV: If you post something here, it WILL be read. If that isn't in the TOS or whatever, it needs to be added.

20:27:12: JayBonci: EDEV: McSnarf We (the authors) hold the copyright. E2, the publisher, only has permission to display the work. Not worth the litigation, IMO, unless you are a professional writer.

20:27:44: McSnarf: EDEV: In my case, i coudn't care less - but I also do not open hot McDonalds coffee in my lap.

20:28:43: Gritchka: ONO: EDEV: If I withdrew my details from, say, a mailing list, I wouldn't expect them to be even able to scratch my name off old _backup_ tapes. But as long as my presence was no longer currently usable/findable/restorable.

20:30:16: JerboaKolinowski: ONO: EDEV: McSnarf is confusing *possession* of information with its *publication*. Nodes in node heaven aren't published. Only the noder and E2 'staffers' can see them. Surely that's not publication in any normal sense

20:33:47: McSnarf: ONO: EDEV: Of course, backup tapes. Responsability ends somewhere. (Even if it might be possible, it might not be feasible).

20:35:06: nine9: EDEV: gritchka's comments re: the nuke requests, etc., are correct. My Node Heaven is FULL of them! As regards the others, well, I think one should always think carefully before posting, so if something is nuked, then why should you be able to >>

20:35:37: nine9: EDEV: >> delete them? Surely they *CAN* be a reminder of what not to do? (All mine are!)

20:35:37: JerboaKolinowski: ONO: EDEV: Here's how I think of it. You give me a poem. Your copyright can stop me publishing it, but can't force me to hand it back to you

20:35:37: JerboaKolinowski: ONO: EDEV: Here's how I think of it. You give me a poem. Your copyright can stop me publishing it, but can't force me to hand it back to you

20:37:17: JerboaKolinowski: ONO: EDEV: ultimately the confused logic would make it pursuable by law for you to insist I have a lobotomy - I might *remember* your poem! Publication is putting it where *anybody* can read it

20:38:19: JayBonci: EDEV: Node heaven is like a trash bin for us. It exists only so we can see our stuff. Do we expect an 8X disk wipe to get all remnants of our bits off of the db. No. We can pick up the scraps out of there and remember, but it's trash...

20:38:26: hodgepodge: ONO: EDEV: ...part of this database. OTGH, if you _explicitly revoke_ said rights, I don't see how BSI has any choice but to stop making your work available.

20:40:07: JerboaKolinowski: ONO: EDEV: hodgepodge when it's in node heaven *it's* *not* *available*!!!! Geddit?

20:40:40: hodgepodge: ONO: EDEV: besides which, my node heaven is full of "my first nodes"... complete and utter garbage that is finally getting culled. I don't need to be reminded that these are bad; I know that perfectly well, and I'd like to be able to get rid of them

20:42:02: anotherone: ONO: EDEV: (so then don't look at 'em?)

20:42:44: hodgepodge: ONO: EDEV: it's still available via node crypt, JerboaKowlinski. Granted, it is not available to just anyone... but it would be best if nodes could be deleted from heaven, the crypt, and all backups made after the deletion request.

20:43:00: McSnarf: ONO: EDEV: Funny... I posted the original RFE to have a chance to clean my node heaven. Now we end up in a theological discussion... (But I learned about /MSG? - which is good)

20:43:59: JerboaKolinowski: ONO: EDEV: just in case anyone doesn't know this, and it took me a while to catch on (thanks, G!) if you use '/msg?' only online users will get your messages. This will save annoyance for users logging on later to find a full /msg box.

20:44:57: JerboaKolinowski: ONO: EDEV: I suggest hodgepodge tries asking the telephone company to delete their records of his account, and gets back to us :-)

20:47:50: McSnarf: ONO: EDEV: That's what German phone companies do after three days for call details. Besides - billing information is not intellectual content.

20:51:34: McSnarf: ONO: EDEV: besides - we talk about further publication, even to a limited audience. Retroactive abortion doesn't work, either.

20:52:51: JerboaKolinowski: ONO: EDEV: you pressed send. Deal.

20:54:36: McSnarf: ONO: EDEV: The TOS says "You own it". Deal.

20:56:31: McSnarf: ONO: EDEV: Besides - if the author doen't want it any more and it's teachnically feasible to remove it from the system, what is the problem to delete it ?

20:56:35: JerboaKolinowski: ONO: EDEV: What you own is the *publication* rights. Deal? :-)

20:57:22: N-Wing: EDEV: Just to dampen this (I hope), it could be made so *nobody* can view node heaven, of course. :-) But the original question of hiding some could be done, I think.

20:58:19: yerricde: ONO: EDEV: If it's nuked, it's no longer "published" under the law. I just want a way to clear out old E2 nuke requests from my Node Heaven.

20:59:39: McSnarf: ONO: EDEV: The closest to TOS that I could find : E2 FAQ: Who "Owns" What In E2?

20:59:50: nine9: EDEV: (N-Wing) oooh, now... what about when you want to rework something?

20:59:55: hodgepodge: ONO: EDEV: JK: you own *all* publication and redistribution rights, except those you assign to BSI. If you *revoke* those rights, BSI _MUST_ stop distributing the material, whether it be to the general public or just to gods and editors.

21:01:21: JerboaKolinowski: ONO: EDEV: I never realised publication was such a nebulous term :-)

21:01:48: McSnarf: ONO: EDEV: If I want to rework something, I shouldn't have deleted it in the first place. We talk about the user option to delete own writeups from node heaven.

21:07:27: McSnarf: ONO: EDEV: "Publication" is not always "to every idiot who, by random chance, comes by". Technical information is one example where distribution can be severely limited. In tat case, you can be forced to delete all copies of i.e. internal product specs.

21:25:22: gnarl: EDEV: i like the direction N-Wing is going. i'd rather purge some nuked nodes back into the nodegel, but an option to hide some nodes in node heaven would also work.

21:57:33: JayBonci: EDEV: I just finished writing a really neat little feature idea in edev: Scratch-It for the Personal Nodelet. You can view it's (browser independant) demo at JayBonci's scratcher. Comments welcome. Thanks =)

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