18:17:28: vagary: ONO: EDEV: I want to create a new nodelet. Once I have written the code, how do I test it?

18:20:23: JayBonci: EDEV: N-Wing or nate (or another god) would actually run it, and then see what happens. You can't run perl code, because that would make you a god. What would there be to stop me from making a bless JayBonci superdoc ? There wouldn't be.

18:21:08: JayBonci: EDEV: Vagary It's best if you post it in a node, and then edevify it to tell us about it. We can then comment on it, look at it, and discuss it. Take it easy.

18:41:42: vagary: ONO: EDEV: I'm looking at the Chatterbox code and I can't figure out where the actual msg box is being inserted, can anyone help me out?

18:45:32: JerboaKolinowski: ONO: EDEV: line 32. $query->textfield is the perl CGI module way of getting a textfield

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