A grid of dots used to create pictures and/or text.

Dot matrix printers used a grid of a certain size; the modern ink jet and laser printers use the same principle, but a different mechanism for delivering the ink to the paper, and a higher resolution.

All computer monitors are effectively dot matrix displays, using a grid of 640x480 or 800x600 or 1024x768 or other size to display text and graphics.

Pinball machines in the 1990s used LED dot matrix displays to display scores and game messages.

It is possible to use almost any grid of lights as a dot matrix display; this has been done with the lights in windows of office buildings to create pictures, spell out messages, play Tetris, etc.

Dot Matrix is a major character in the TV show Reboot. Dot is a businesswoman, through and through, but she does find time to care for her kid brother Enzo Matrix, whom she has raised ever since her parents were 'deleted' (i.e. killed) in an accident. Dot has a mindboggling amount of business sense, and consequently owns much of the property in Mainframe. She has had an on-again, off-again relationship with the Guardian Bob for much of the first two seasons. Dot is not all brains, though. She is quite beautiful (for a cartoon character, anyway), and when the chips (excuse the pun) are down, she can handle herself in combat situations as well as she can in the buisness world.

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