A rather loose appellation, this pop culture nomenclature is sometimes assigned to bands of the emo variety, but more often is used to describe the music of artists such as Buddy Holly, the Proclaimers, and Weezer. In general, if one wants to deduce the dork quality or lack thereof of a particular band or artist, one must simply ask oneself the following simple question:

"Does a prominent member of this musical group often wear glasses with relatively thick frames?"

Yes: then the band may be labeled dork rockers.

No: then the band must seek elsewhere for a categorization of their music.

For more information concerning this term, see http://www.unsettledtheband.com/merch_oas.html for a band that proudly claims the dork rock title for themselves or http://acronym.rackm0unt.org/PublishingPage.html for information concerning Heuvos Rancheros, a magazine that is apparently dedicated to following and reporting on the dork rock scene.

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