Yet another band that formed a part of the mid 1990's Nashville hardcore scene that included Martian Tourist Trap, Salida, and countless others, this group probably won more commercial success than any other of the bunch. They originally released an independent cd in conjunction with fellow hardcore group Tweezer (not to be confused with dork rock phenomenon Weezer, who debuted at around the same time) and made a name for their energetic shows at local venues (including the ill fated Hillsboro High School benefit concert) which usually involved a certain amount of yelling and guitars. While other comparable groups were content to throw oil-soaked plastic penguins onto their audiences, Spider Virus wanted commercial success as well and set out to find it. They eventually landed a major label record deal. A cd was released, and a video was made for the first single. The band reached the height of their popularity when said video was aired on MTV's 120 minutes. They eventually went the way of all the bands of that time and place, dying quiet, unnoticed musical deaths hidden from the eyes of the world.

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