It betokened rank in all ancient civilizations and became more luxurious in the Byzantine era. The diadem took its definitive form under the Byzantine emperor Justinian as a circlet surmounted by a sort of arched headpiece with a cross. fr. diadein to bind on both sides.

diadems-/Of brown bee-studded orchids which were meant for Cytheraea's brows are hidden here -Oscar Wilde

Di"a*dem (?), n. [F. diademe, L. diadema, fr. Gr. , fr. to bind round; through, across + to bind; cf. Skr. da to bind.]


Originally, an ornamental head band or fillet, worn by Eastern monarchs as a badge of royalty; hence (later), also, a crown, in general.

"The regal diadem."



Regal power; sovereignty; empire; -- considered as symbolized by the crown.

3. Her.

An arch rising from the rim of a crown (rarely also of a coronet), and uniting with others over its center.

Diadem lemur. Zool. See Indri. -- Diadem spider Zool., the garden spider.


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Di"a*dem, v. t.

To adorn with a diadem; to crown.

Not so, when diadem'd with rays divine. Pope.

To terminate the evil, To diadem the right. R. H. Neale.


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