One of a race of super-intelligent super-cute carnivorous rabbits to be found on the USENET group alt.devilbunnies. Devilbunnies are the sworn enemies of all human life on earth, and will do anything to dominate the planet in the name of all four-legged lifeforms. Utilizing their superior technology, including some of the best biotech and conversion methods known, and aided by their unbreakable cypher BUNIX, they plot world domination, in messages punctuated by remarks like (fluff, wiggle), and (thump), representations of lepine body language...opposed by...

The Fudds. Humans who know about the Devilbunnies and will do anything to stop them. Fuddites also have a cypher BunnyStumper, that is invisible to bunnies, and utilize the poisons Holy Water, Human Urine, and Vanilla Extract (and their derivatives) to kill and ward off this insidious evil. Their allies are the Ferroti, huge sentient ferrets whose knowlege of medicine is as advanced, though less technological, than the Bunnies.

This lunacy has been going on since at least 1994, with much insane plotting, banter, and shared storytelling. A true hacker classic...and watch out for those squirrels!

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