Small press comic book/webcomic created by John Kovalic. It started clear back in 1997, when it was published in Shadis Magazine. It is now published online at and in occasional paper comics by Dork Storm Press.

It tells the ongoing story of four guys -- hapless gamemaster Matt McLimore, intellectual fanboy Ken Mills, raving munchkin Igor Olman, and good-natured Carson the Muskrat (a muskrat who Kovalic had previously drawn in a comic strip called "Wild Life"). All of them like to play roleplaying games and indulge in various geeky activities. In between playing games like GORPS, Squid Leader, and Warhamster 40,000 (and ruining Matt's carefully constructed Lord of the Rings game by immediately killing Gandalf), they get addicted to eBay, get chased out of bookstores (for the allegedly inherent Satanism of roleplaying games), and get obsessive about everything from collecting miniatures to watching Star Wars marathons.

Important supporting cast members include Matt's primary love interest, Gilly Woods -- better known as Gilly the Perky Goth -- whose sunny attitude makes her the bane of the local goth community; Walden Woods, Gilly's long-suffering older brother and the leader of the local goths; prim and oh-so-respectable Kayleigh Hardcastle, Matt's snooty girlfriend and official disapprover of all his hobbies; Sujata Murthy, Ken's improbably hot girlfriend, who is gleefully throwing herself into geek culture; and Bill Blyden, the much-abused owner of Pegasaurus Games.

"Dork Tower" is characterized by a deceptively simple art style -- it all looks like it was slapped together fast, but after a second look, the strip's sophistication comes through. Kovalic has said that "Peanuts" creator Charles M. Schulz was a major influence, and the cartoonists' styles are indeed very similar. And is it any mistake that Matt is a mostly-bald guy, has a bit of a hangdog attitude, hangs out with an anthropomorphic mammal, and sometimes wears a shirt with a zigzag design?

Besides the comic books, "Dork Tower" is also published online and in several different comic and gaming magazines.

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