Country ham! The mere words bring water to the mouth of anyone who has ever eaten it. Country Ham! A delicious food made in the Southern United States, most notably in Virginia and North Carolina. Country Ham! Usually a salt cured ham, similar in a way to prosciutto (from Italy) and jamon serrano(from Spain), only so much more salty. Country Ham! Often times served with fluffy home made biscuits, and red-eye gravy. Country Ham! I once carried a full country ham in my lap on a cross-country flight - it is that good!

- Ode on a Country Ham!
Oh Country Ham! You are salty and delicious!
Your incredible texture makes my heart swell,
So much flavor in every bite, I run to you my love,
My arteries begin to clog.

Country Ham you are my life my love my all,
Were you to abandon me
My life would surely end immediately
Instead of in a few years from coronary disease.

Yet I fear you not, but rather adore you.
A harsh mistress you are
Having made me abandon sausage, and baked ham
I devote my all to you.

And so I lovingly wait till we meet again
and I can consume you, make you one with me
Make us whole.
Pass the gravy please.

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