Red-eye gravy is a gravy that usually accompanies a breakfast of country ham and biscuits. To make red eye gravy, do the following:

1- Cook some country ham. Seriously, do it right now, if you have never had some, you don't know what you are missing.

2- Take the country ham out of the pan that was used. Notice all the wierd crusty things on the bottom of the pan? The burned drippings, the little chunks of fat, (oh man I'm getting hungry), the glistening grease? Good, it needs to be there.

3- Get some coffee. Not much mind you, maybe 1/4 cup, maybe less. Put the coffee in the pan. Stir! Hurry up, the biscuits are getting cold.

4- Technically, what you want to do is de-glaze the pan with the coffee. When the coffee has all the yummy bits mixed into it, you have red-eye gravy. Pour that gravy in a bowl.

5- Dip biscuits, and country ham into the red-eye gravy.


7-Experience nirvana.

If you are less adventuresome, substitute water for the coffee, ya sissy.

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