"Inspector Rex" is the name of an Austrian television series. Spoken in German and subtitled into English, the show is aired on the free-to-air SBS in Australia. The series stars Gedeon Burkhard, Martin Weineke and Heinz Weixelbraun and is rated PG.

The series is based around the crime-fighting adventures of Inspector Rex, a German Shepherd who works with the local constabulary. Inspector Rex gets the attention of his human police counterparts by barking, growling menacingly at the criminals and knocking flowerpots off window ledges onto the heads of wrong-doers below.

At the end of an episode, after a hard day of crime-fighting, Inspector Rex enjoys a ham roll. The eating of the roll is often accompanied by laughter, as that crazy dog always gets his ham roll.

Examples of episodes:

Blind Fury - The daughter of a wealthy hotel owner is a killer, protected by her father. Inspector Rex must uncover the murderer.

Deathly Secrets - A botched operation at a cosmetic surgery clinic results in not one death, but two. Inspector Rex must come to the rescue and solve the crime.

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