You broke your hand

in an freak masturbation accident

and your doctor prescribed you

or you otherwise finagled,

without actual acute pain,

opiate based painkillers.


And you clearly have no intention to use pharmaceuticals with abuse potential as intended.


Precisely how do you propose to remove the icky analgesics from a potentially viable source of narcotic?

Here's how...

Cold Water Extraction Technique

This process will take a good hour to do properly. It requires coffee filters, a bowl, ice, rubber bands, two cups, and running water. A measuring cup and a refrigerator are desirable, though not strictly requisite.


Opiate based pills should not be taken orally out of the box for recreation. The number of pills required to give a noticeable opiate based high (let alone euphoria) contain accompanying analgesic in a quantity exceeding a safe dosage having adverse effects, and possibly death. They add shit so you won't use it to get high.

This technique will extract codeine, hydrocodone, or oxycodone (opiate agonists) into a cold water-based nasty tasting brew from commonly prescribed opiate based painkillers (such as Vicodin, Percocet).

It will leave as residue aspirin, APAP (a.k.a. acetominaphen, paracetamol), and ibuprofen.

Pseudoephedrine and caffeine will be present in the final product, the cold water. For most people, this should not be a concern.

Make sure that your pills contain nothing besides the above substances.


The logic behind the cold water extraction is that APAP is highly insoluble in cold water, whereas the opiates (as well as pseudoephedrine and caffeine, but that is neither here nor there) are highly soluble in cold water.

The following table (Source: Codeine FAQ) illustrates:

               |   31C water  |  21C water
Aspirin        |  1g / 100 ml | 1g / 300 ml
Acetaminophen  |  1g /  70 ml | 1g / 150 ml
Codeine        |  1g / 2.3 ml | 1g / 0.7 ml
Have you figured it all out already?


  1. AGAIN! Make sure that your pills contain only the above substances. Otherwise, you may be up shit's creek.
  2. Thoroughly crush your pills and dissolve them in lukewarm or warm water. Use about 2ml of water per pill. (Note: Hot water may destroy opiates. For example, most sources recommend against storing codeine at temperatures exceeding 40°C (104°F))
  3. Chill the water to about 5°C (41°F), stirring occasionally. Do this by putting the cup of water into a bowl of ice water or into the fridge and periodically check and stir it.
  4. Dampen a coffee filter (so it will not absorb the solution) and fasten it around the second cup using a rubber band. Pour the solution into the filter. The opiate solution should filter through in about an hour, while the secondary substance will remain, trapped by the filter.
  5. Enjoy your cocktail! The murky cold water will be very bitter. Effects, if any, will be noticeable in 15 to 20 minutes.

Are you really planning on shooting up Vicodin? Be a man, and quaff the vile potion.



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