An exposed slab or block of limestone bounded by open grikes.

'Clint' is a term that has bunch of different things to do with rocks, in fact.

A clint can be a rocky cliff, a projecting rock or ledge.

Clint is often used when talking about karst topology, referring to a flat, bare limestone outcrop between eroded crevices or gullies in limestone rock. When referring to these blocks, it is often paired with grike, as in clint-and-grike topography.

In Scotland, clint can also mean a hard or flinty rock.

Clint is also the shortened form of the surname Clinton. It is used as a male first name, made famous by Clint Eastwood.

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Compiled overview of the 40 ton Clint 'Mech, from various BattleTech novels and game sourcebooks:

Andoran Industries Ltd. began construction of the Clint 2-3T under the Star League Armaments Act, a law that provided border areas with the latest in battlefield technology. To secure their bid on the project, Andoran Industries cut costs in the Clint design. Unfortunately, the resulting design flaws are not easily repaired.

Many modular parts that can be exchanged between a wide variety of BattleMechs simply cannot be used on the Clint without a great deal of modification. This problem is particularly fucky in the case of the gyro system. This makes the Clint a technician's nightmare, because it takes much longer to repair than other 'Mechs.

The Clint's other problem is the lack of ammunition for the Armstrong class5 Autocannon mounted in its right arm. It carries only 20 rounds in its right torso's ammo bay. In a prolonged combat situation, the 'Mech can quickly be forced to rely solely on its torso mounted Martell Medium Lasers for attack. The original Clint prototypes mounted a heavier autocannon and carried more ammunition. However, the chassis of these models developed stress problems, and the armament was downgraded to its current configuration.

The Sloane 220 Lockover targeting system tends to make up for the Clint's lack of ammunition. This system is one of the most advanced designs available in the Successor States. It allows for many battlefield variables that are not taken into account by most other systems. While the Clint does have a limited amount of ammunition, it hits what it shoots at.

The Clint functioned as a recon 'Mech as well as a well-armed, lower-end, medium 'Mech. Its history and combat performance shows that it served those purposes well. The flight capability offered by the six jump jets on the Clint offer a nice advantage in many combat situations. In urban combat its building-leaping ability coupled with use of the death from above tactic can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Though many MechWarriors consider this tactic reckless, it still is a strong advantage that many larger 'Mechs do not have.

Though individual MechWarriors have modified their Clints in many different ways over the years, the new field modification kit issued by the Capellan Confederation shows great promise. The CLNT-2-3U Clint replaces the autocannon with the new Magna Firestar extended-range PPC, eliminating the ammunition shortage and releasing enough weight to upgrade the medium lasers to medium pulse lasers.

Never produced in great numbers, the Clint has become something of an oddity on the modern-day battlefield. ComStar estimates that no more than one hundred Clints still exist in Successor State armies and mercenary units. Most of the factories that built the Clint were destroyed during fighting between House Davion and House Liao. Both sides shipped the captured Clints to remote locations for defense purposes, effectively scattering the 'Mech throughout the Inner Sphere. Still unexplained is how Clint 'Mechs ended up at the far end of the old Star League. Even more odd is the rumor that King Redjack Ryan has several Clints.

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