to carpet bomb: to bomb an area from an airplane (usually with high explosive ballistic bombs), with an equal density of bombs per surface unit.
The idea is that you indiscriminately flatten the square mile of your choice. A technique applied during the Gulf War, but popular also in WW II.

Basically the contrary of using smart bombs. A brute force technique in which the B-52 excels.

also a weapon in the game Worms: Armageddon... While not as amusing as the holy hand grenade or the super-sheep, it is, like most things in that oh so wonderful game, outrageously silly. It is literally, well, a carpet bomb... literally, a set of rolled-up rugs falls from the sky, bounces around, and blows things up.

Also a term referring to vomiting on the carpet. For example: When I lived in a particular co-op house, one member had a birthday. There was a lot of drinking. They decided to watch Rosemary's Baby. One member (not the birthday boy) horked all over the carpet. I think that the volume of the vomit was probably equal to half of his own. It was really an impressive amount of vomit. From then on, everybody referred to it as when name-deleted carpet bombed the living room.

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