She carries camomile sachets in the pocket of her coat
so she had portable bliss
Her purse contains a book of spanish poetry -the pages pulled out are the ones she has left on dashboards
Have you ever seen a grown woman skip in high heels?

Spin in circles when the mood strikes (when the moon is full)?

Careful--she will slide ice cubes down your back-
careful- she will fix your coffee extra strong

She is deceptive- in all of the best ways
Scented in a soft, powdery way -yes,
It is one of her many incarnations.

for Chras4, by request

Cam"o*mile, Cham"o*mile (?), n.[LL. camonilla, corrupted fr. Gr. , lit. earth apple, being so called from the smell of its flower. See Humble, and Melon.] Bot.

A genus of herbs (Anthemis) of the Composite family. The common camomile, A. nobilis, is used as a popular remedy. Its flowers have a strong and fragrant and a bitter, aromatic taste. They are tonic, febrifugal, and in large doses emetic, and the volatile oil is carminative.


© Webster 1913.

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