Due to its hardiness, and low growing nature, the variety Anthemis nobilis of the herb chamomile makes a great lawn substitute. Otherwise know as English chamomile, it is often referred to as the 'herb of humanity'. As Falstaff in King Henry IV, part I, quotes, 'The more it is trodden on the faster it grows'.

Chamomile lawns have a place in history. The legendary game of bowls played by Drake before routing the Spanish Armada was said to have taken place on a chamomile lawn. John Evelyn wrote 'It will now be good to Beat, Roll and Mow carpet Walks and Camomile, for now the ground is supple and it will even all Inequalities'. Garden parties at Buckingham Palace are held on chamomile lawns.

If you're thinking of growing a chamomile lawn, you are best planting in autumn or spring. For this purpose it is best to buy small plants, as opposed to seeds. Arrange the plants leaving gaps of 10 centimetres between each. Roll or press as you would a freshly planted lawn. Water well, and be sure to weed every couple of days until the lawn is well and truly established.

Be careful when mowing your chamomile lawn. The blades of the mower should be set on high. Mowing too close to the carpet will tear it up and damage the plants.

Seedlings can be found at most plant nurseries. Make sure that you purchase Anthemis nobilis, because other varieties are not well suited for this particular purpose.

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