gentle, cool gusts of a sea breeze
the sheer drape upon the canopy bed flutters
in and out with the wind and tide
bronzed, salty and soaked
the initial exploration
accompanied here only by gulls
warblers, nightjars
Le Soleil Est Pres De Moi and faint chirps
peripheral to this evening's quartet of galaxy-quest eyes
lost within each, finding their way back
to galaxies and stars
where these souls have blindly danced in the dark ether
then lo, sheltered under the coral reefs from myriad years of light
here, now, but shadows
from the outside gracefully imbued with flickering candlelight 
unveiled in secret, in solace, in the flesh to one another
butterfly kisses, shifting and twisting
stereophonic, breathless; warm pleas spoken in tongues against the nape of the neck 
compliment fingernails in desperate restraint, so primal
stalling in orbit, admiring her coquette blush and nymphette figure
in selfish want of  wholeness 
come mellifluous cries for release
rapid pulses discharge, inaudible frequency 
disengaging cinematic anachronisms  
reappearance in sine-wave; an ambient remix and elocutionary reprise
this supernova
causing copper wire conduits to ignite far away 
from the local presence of a calm heartbeat vibrato
skies clear and untethered
she discovers the comfort of being cradled
falling into dreams
of the sunrise
born baby blue, tonight she is burning red

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