This is an ode to the one I have loved the least
Someday it will amount to a letter.

Let's get just one thing straight
I am not here for your entertainment
people do, on the whole, have the right to be who they want to be
There is a dark beating life behind people’s actions and traits
huge cloudy meanings behind the daily face of things
The life you're fucking with may not be your own
What have you done for me lately?
I've had enough of your disingenuous assertions
I wouldn't hurt a fly, but you're not a fly
Isn't it about time you grew out of all that juvenile screaming nonsense?
Jesus cannot save you. He cannot even save Himself.
Fuck your American dream
Stop pontificating, start doing

End of messages. No more new messages.

I'm related to people I don't relate to
Here is my father, here is something I regret
When he grins it is a thousand-word story
He smiles but it's not real.
Let's just say it takes a certain amount of consumer zeal.

The further I get from the things that I care about, the less I care about how much further away I get
You shouldn't use an egg to smash a stone
Out would spill a life of secrets kept
The failure of proclaimed faith to coincide with action
The banality of the newspaper comics page
The memories we leave behind

Maybe even this will one day be pleasant to recall

Every line and pipe link is the title of an existing nodeshell. This is for Rab.

Iron Noder 2013, 9/30

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