Another Zynga network game for Facebook where you raise and grow tropical fish to sell.  Fishville launched its beta in November of 2009.

Like other Zynga games (especially farmville, you by gaining XP, and buy new fish, tank decorations, and more tanks with both "coins" (easily earned in-game currency) and "sand dollars", a "premium" currency you earn slowly by playing, or quickly by purchasing with real-world money. 

Fishville started out with some rather silly, fanciful, cartoon-like fish designs, like a "flame angel" that looks like a fireball or a Pajama cardinal in bright blues and greens. However, lately, they have created second versions of these species that look like the real thing. Their new fish additions are highly realistic for the species they are supposed to portray, which has caught the attention of some real-world aquarium fanciers who hadn't previously played facebook games and didn't play other companies' "aquarium sim" games.

It's a fun game as far as facebook games go--and way cheaper than keeping an actual saltwater aquarium, that's for sure.

Fishville does feature the "data aggregator" currency earning method of its cousins, where you can earn sand dollars for filling out surveys or offers.  However, after scrutiny and complaints, Zynga is less aggressive about marketing its offers and billing to cell phones--the default method of gaining currency is simply by paying with credit card or paypal, you've got to hunt for the offers page.


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