Like when I would love to believe in what
    I know I don't think is true,
           Like I am perhaps not so indissectible
After all, I laugh.

Like when I wake snuffly to realize
    Her sleepy hair is up my nose again,
          And grumbling alseep,
       I violently rub my nose across my face
             And I'm five years old again
Until the itchy goes away and I laugh.

Like when in the out-of-focusness of some grey morning           
I fall on my sorry ass
       down her one stair, one random stair
               Between the kitchen and the bathroom,
      Just trying to take a piss and now I'm on
     My ass and still trying to attain
Depth perception, and then I have to laugh.

Like a microcosmic Schiaparelli's Mars,
         There is life in all the little cracks here,
   Not really cracks at all, you know,
     Just colorpools in those orbs,
           Canals and lovely verdant streams
     Below the rocky blue surface.
And when I look into your newly-waking
                                    Blue eyed soul,
           Slightly sleep-crossed and perfect
    I laugh because you let me
    Watch you sleep and smile at me when you wake.
(in response to wertperch's nodeshell challenge)

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