The weatherman said these words and she
a sound like a carousel to my ears

How would he know? We asked, using the same words -
at the same time


Which happens much more than it should
if life were normal
which it is not.

We both wonder just how cold
-5 below wind chill would feel on bare arms
bare backs or fronts.

Wanna try?

She offers, opening the nearest window
letting in ice needles

As she stands there in the breeze
I tug on her sweater
halfway up- high enough to make her squeal
High enough to make her close the window

Doubled over - she yells
mock agony

You froze my bellybutton!

Frostbite did not set in
Which is normal
I gave her navel CPR;
which is not.

Cotton is comfortable on me. I like cotton. A nice t-shirt, faded and worn, and a pair of cutoff jean shorts I've had forever. Bare feet on the grass.

I lie on my back and look up at the clouds. I wonder what it would feel like to run on the clouds barefooted.

Clouds remind me of silk. I've only worn silk a few times, it is too refined for me... too gentle and soft and delicate. I need something with some durability. But every once and a while, I like to feel like a prince, and silk accomplishes this nicely. But also...

It's hard to beat the feeling of being butt naked laying on a towel after you just get out of the shower. You can lay there and read and let the fan blow cool air on your derriere.

Wool is warm, but it itches terribly. And leather makes me feel like a proud warrior, for some obscure reason, but I like that, too.

And then, finally, skin. Yes, your skin... on my skin. Would it be soft like cotton, warm like wool? Would it make me feel like a prince, the same way silk does? Would we have to wear the leather, though, cause I'd like to explore this part of life without feeling like a warrior... or a kinky pervert.

Skin is cool, sometimes I feel like one big finger.

Epidermis is one of God's greatest gifts.

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