"Say What You Want" is a song by Scottish pop band Texas, released in 1997. The song is both upbeat and mournful, being a song of lost love. The lyrics are unclear, as the lyrics of any good love song should be, but the singer, Sharleen Spiteri sings: "You can say what you want, but I will feel the same about you". As far as pop songs about love go, I would definitely consider this much better than most. Sharleen sings as more of a soul singer, in technique and spirit, than most pop singers do. But this song would not interest me personally, besides there is a remake of it featuring Method Man. from the Wu-Tang Clan.

What makes the remake with Method Man so amazing is that Sharleen and Method seem to have such perfect chemistry, and their voices and manners seem to synchronize so well. This is especially visible in the live performance of the song, where they give a duet of the song that is some odd combination of raunchy and sweet. What is even more amazing about their duet is that the two seem to be singing two separate songs. Sharleen sings her original lyrics about lost love, while Method Man's lyrics are typical Method Man: a bit of bravado, and bit of nonsense. After Sharleen sings her chorus, Method Man chimes in with "see my pinkie/see my thumb/see that kid with the pump shotgun". And the amazing thing about this is: it works. It doesn't even seem, when I listen, to be discordant.

Why does this work so well? It is a secret of the Wu-Tang, and they never teach the Wu-Tang.

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