antiorp is a very special person, actively doing terrorism in newsgroups and mailing-lists, in a kind of social art composed of messages in a strange language, mix of english, french, german, logical and programming operators, sometimes even managing to be on-topic. (for an example, see antiorpism)

antiorp appears to be a she, nowadays named Netochka Nezvanova (nn for short, from Dostoevsky) and living in New Zealands. (I got two independant report of this)

One thing worths noting is that she can make her language very understandable when needed, for example when asking about programming infos or advertising for her video manipulation softwares.

This person is coding a few strange sound and image synthesis programs for macos or Java, producing industrial music, (one album, krop3rom || a9ff v.0+2) and creating a few intriguing websites, like, or pages on

names used, by order of appearance:

  • cw4t7abs
  • a9ff
  • f1f0
  • integer
  • nn
  • ...

mailing lists concerned:

  • music-dsp
  • nettime
  • infowar
  • MAX (from which antiorp got kicked off by vote)
  • lev (live experimental video)
  • soundhack
  • pd-list
  • /55\
  • ...

dzis = komme ca

Actually, Netochka (not her real name) is a she, and goes by the name of "integer" (of late), "f1f0", and others in her mailing list posts, which seem nowadays to be less darn cryptic than previous, with less of her interesting hybrid language, and more of that English stuff that the internet finds so popular. It isn't really terrorism; it's art here, legitimate on-topic info there, and a little politics, whether of the geopolitical or net variety. My theory for her switch to a slight user-friendliness these days: l'amour. But what do I know?

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