The Anti-joke

A good example of an anti-joke is as follows:

Person 1: "A school bus full of children is winding through the mountains, taking the kids on a field trip."

Person 2: "Haha yeah?"

Person 1: "As it goes around a corner, it loses traction, and falls down the side of the mountain!"

Person 2: "Ha... Uh... Yeah?"

Person 1: "And it explodes."

Person 1: "No one survived! Tee hee hee!"

Person 2: *Stunned silence*

The anti-joke is sociopathic humor (or, non-humor, if you disapprove) at its best (or, worst)!

An anti-joke generally starts off as a normal joke, but quickly turns sour, as the joke diverges off to something that only those who are either insane or morally depraved would find funny. Alternatively, an anti-joke can be a joke that starts off normally, but purposefully ends as boringly as possible. Right now, I can assure you, some of you are thinking:

"Why would I want to tell an anti-joke?!?!?!"

I assure you, there are several reasons!

  1. You like to confuse people,
  2. You don't really like the people you are talking to,
  3. You are a sociopath,
  4. Your friends are sociopaths,
  5. The conversation you are in is so awkward that nothing can make it more awkward. Maybe this will even diffuse the awkwardness? Who knows!
  6. You need to demonstrate how avant-garde you are, or
  7. You're about to leave, and you need a creative exit.

Ah, the good ole anti-joke! The bastard child of comedy, and friend of sociopaths round the world! Something both awful and good, hilarious yet objectionable, avant-garde yet crude.

Good people of the world, I present you with the anti-joke!

Contributed Anti-jokes:

This bomb disposal expert wrote 'diffuse' instead of 'defuse' in a manual
A whole bunch of students using the manual were blown to smithereens. -maxClimb

So this chap walks into a butcher's shop and asks for half a pound of sausages.
The butcher says "Certainly, pork or beef?" to which the customer replies:
"Its OK, I have my bike outside." -wertperch

So, what do you call a lion with a bad haircut?
A lion with a bad haircut. -BookReader

What do you call a black man who can fly a plane?
A pilot, you racist ass. -Major General Panic

Did you hear about the girl who jumped off a bridge?
She was clinically depressed and killed herself due to her low self-esteem. -Uri E Bakay

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